Work Management

Client Case Study: Work Management

AMS Engineering helped a global manufacturing organization improve performance by breaking down organizational barriers, establishing roles and responsibilities, and implementing sound and disciplined maintenance business processes. Our holistic, systems-based approach fixed the “culture eats strategy for breakfast” dilemma and avoided the piecemeal “whack-a-mole” mentality that plagues many implementations. The result? Increased asset uptime and reliability, lower MRO costs, and more orderly operations.

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The Standard Playbook is Broken

In some organizations, there is not an official system for how assets and infrastructure are to be managed. There is just “the way we have always done it,” which is mostly kept in the heads of maintenance engineers, storeroom staff, procurement personnel, etc. But for organizations looking to improve, processes must be documented — formalized — to ensure everyone is clear on who does what when. This process of “systematizing” how assets are managed is what AMS Engineering is all about.

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Integrated Solutions

Client Case Study: MRO Supply Chain

AMS Engineering worked with an asset-intensive company to streamline storeroom and procurement operations. The result was improved materials availability and significantly reduced MRO material spend. Asset management affords plenty of hard-dollar savings, but the low-hanging fruit is in the MRO materials management and procurement operation. Controlling inventories, establishing corporate purchase agreements, rationalizing the vendor base—actions like these are quick, effective ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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