Improvement starts with an assessment of the potential for opportunity.

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Auditing is essential for continued improvement. Not all gaps are closed overnight, and even when a gap is closed, it does not always remain closed. Organizations have a tendency to drift back into old habits.

Auditing keeps an organization focused on compliance and improvement. Once an improvement initiative has been implemented, it should be audited at set intervals to measure its effectiveness and provide a basis for setting new objectives.

Internal Audit Development

AMS Engineering helps clients develop an internal auditing program using disciplined appraisal processes, audit training, and our proprietary audit toolset. We provide the training and tools you need to self-assess your asset management operation.

External Auditing Program

Our external auditing program provides monitoring at planned intervals to ensure your asset management operation conforms to its own strategy and requirements. Our program

  • ensures your operation is accomplishing its objectives.
  • keeps your organization focused on closing gaps and keeping them closed.
  • tracks performance and helps you identify new opportunities for improvement.

Service Scope

  • Periodic Auditing of Client’s Asset Management Operation
  • Industry-Leading Audit Tools and Scorecards
  • Internal Audit Training
  • External Audits, Executive and Management Reviews
  • Implementation Plan Development

AMS Engineering’s auditing services keep clients moving forward on the right path. For more information, or to request a demo of our auditing tools, please contact us.

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