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If the correct process is not documented, it does not exist.

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Process is the heart of an operation. Good process improves efficiency, creates value, and yields rich analytics. Bad process wastes resources, creates chaos, and handicaps analysis attempts.

How do you spot bad process? What can you do to fix it? The answer is simpler than it may seem.

Process Challenges

We see it all the time. Organizations have processes that

  • are not documented.
  • are not based on best practices.
  • create unnecessary work.
  • are not executed in a consistent and disciplined manner.

In these situations, the result is always the same: lost productivity, bad information, and increased risks.

Are your business processes defined? Are they based on industry-proven best practices? Do they simplify operations and create value? Are they executed consistently? If not, you have bad process.

Our Solution

The answer to these challenges is simple: replace bad processes with great ones. Great process

  • yields more productivity with less effort.
  • minimizes risks.
  • gets everyone working together.
  • produces great data.

We know that process reengineering can sound daunting, but with AMS Engineering, it doesn’t have to be. We simplify and standardize your processes, align them with industry-proven best practices, and make sure they are working to achieve your business objectives. We jump-start this effort with SynergyTM, the industry’s most comprehensive library of industry-proven, standards-compliant asset management practices.

If you would like our help embedding effective and efficient asset management processes into your operation, please contact us.

Work Management

Work identification & control, work planning, work scheduling, work completion, work analysis.

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MRO Materials Management

Storage facilities & equipment, storeroom operations, inventory management, user coordination.

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Contracting, vendor management, purchase orders & requisitions, warranty administration.

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