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To every client engagement we bring the industry's most comprehensive asset management software data and coding library.

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Master data and coding structures are the primary building blocks of an asset information system. If they are poorly developed, EAM software will not perform correctly. On the other hand, well-developed master data and coding structures drive quality information outputs and insightful analysis.

Data Challenges

Every organization we work with has the same challenges:

  • Managers can’t get the information they need to run the operation.
  • Reports from the software system are unreliable.
  • Software is tough to use and deploy.

Organizations often blame software for these problems, but nine times out of ten, the real culprit is bad master data and coding structures. Missing equipment or part records, duplicate entries, and inconsistent codes make it impossible to retrieve accurate, actionable information from the system.

Our Solution

Give your EAM or CMMS software the foundation it needs by building clean, complete, and accurate master data and coding structures. Your software ROI depends on this preliminary step.

AMS Engineering offers comprehensive equipment master and MRO material master creation, as well as an industry-leading library of rich and actionable coding structures. Our industry-proven data development services ensure that you get the full ROI from your EAM software.

Equipment Master

Hierarchies, Taxonomies, Data Cleaning, BOM Development, Walk-Down & ID, Barcoding...

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MRO Material Master

Item Walk-Down & ID, Data Cleaning, Barcoding, SMD Dictionaries, Classifications...

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EAM Coding Libraries

Work, Materials, Procurement Coding Structures; Problem, Failure, Action, Cause Codes...

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