EAM Coding Libraries

A robust set of problem / failure codes is key to understanding the reasons for equipment failures and improving asset reliability.

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Coding structures are the engine that drives EAM reporting and analysis. Codes sort and group information, allowing asset management data to be parsed and rolled up. Establishing good coding structures is essential to software performance.

AMS Engineering helps organizations develop world-class EAM coding structures. We leverage our extensive coding library and deep knowledge of process and technology to deliver clear, thorough coding structures that are tailored to each client’s needs.

Our Coding Library

AMS Engineering’s coding library is one of the largest in the industry. It includes over 1,300 proprietary codes, covering problem and failure, work order types, classification, equipment criticality, inventory management, and much more. Our clear, distinct coding structures are built on ISO standards, guaranteeing your organization an industry-proven approach to enterprise asset management.

Our Coding Library

Equipment Failure Reporting

Reducing equipment failures begins with a detailed understanding of the problem and the component that led to the failure. A comprehensive set of problem-failure codes provides the granularity that is needed to effectively roll up, trend and report failure data. Developing a complete set of equipment class-based failure codes can be a significant undertaking. However, our library jumpstarts the development effort and gets your asset reliability initiative rolling.

Sample Equipment Failure Codes
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pump classifcation structure
Equipment Failure Chart

By applying asset management costs to work orders and problem-failure codes you can determine which equipment issues are costing you the most in time and money. Additionally, a failure hierarchy supports a drill down, a deeper dive into where the failure originated. This helps you better understand the problem and validates asset reliability business decisions.

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