Equipment Master Development

Problems in the equipment master are multiplied in asset management reporting.

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A complete, accurate, structured equipment master (i.e., asset registry) is the starting point for collecting good work order transaction data and generating insightful performance analyses. Because it’s so fundamental, it’s important that you get it right. Bad equipment master data can wreak havoc with reporting, delay maintenance activities, and make it difficult to use the software system.

AMS Engineering helps organizations develop best-in-class EAM equipment master tables. We bring deep domain expertise as well as industry-accepted data taxonomies, classification schemes, nomenclature standards, and hierarchy structures to every client engagement. Our equipment classification structures are based on ISO 14224 and other industry standards.

Sample equipment hierarchy below:
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pump classifcation structure

Service Scope

  • Equipment Walk-Down & Identification
  • Equipment Hierarchy Development
  • Database Development, P&ID Association
  • Equipment Master Cleansing, Barcode Tagging
  • Bill of Materials Development
  • Criticality Assignment
  • PM / PdM Development

Take the headache out of data development by letting us help you develop a world-class EAM equipment master.

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