ISO 55000 Training

ISO 55000 training is the first step to developing a world-class asset management operation.

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AMS Engineering offers an array of ISO 55000 training courses for business executives, asset leadership, functional managers, and front-line personnel. Our courses bring clients up to speed on current asset management best practices, explain ISO 55000 recommendations, and provide guidance for implementing them in specific organizational contexts.

All of our courses combine detailed information about ISO 55000 with practical advice for solving asset management challenges. Our course designer, AMS Engineering principal Tracy Smith, is an active participant in the US Technical Advisory Group that helped develop ISO 55000. For each course, we draw on deep domain expertise and exceptional knowledge of industry best practices to deliver a world-class training experience.

Introductory Courses

  • 1A - Introduction to Asset Management
  • 2A - Introduction to ISO 55000

ISO 55000 Principle Courses

  • 1P - Organizational Context and Leadership
  • 2P - Planning
  • 3P - Support
  • 4P - Operation
  • 5P - Performance Evaluation
  • 6P - Improvement

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