MRO Materials Management

Clean up your storeroom with our world-class organization schemes and operating processes.

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AMS Engineering helps organizations embed effective MRO materials management and storeroom processes into their operations. Many storerooms suffer from inefficient organization schemes, poor storage practices, inaccurate inventory records, and excess or insufficient stock levels. We fix these problems by implementing industry-proven best practices and process models.

Effective Storeroom Practices

Our storeroom practices boost organization, improve storage methods, and streamline operations. This minimizes time lost searching for the correct materials, decreases losses due to damage or theft, and improves the storeroom’s internal efficiency.

Coordinated Operations

Our process models coordinate the MRO materials management function with production, maintenance, and procurement functions. This helps the storeroom maintain optimum stock levels and minimizes errors or delays in delivery.

Efficient Inventory Management

Our materials management procedures ensure that all transactions are properly recorded in the software system. This improves inventory accuracy and enables effective inventory optimization, which in turn prevents unnecessary spending and time lost due to excess or insufficient stock.

Service Scope

Our materials management process improvement service covers all processes related to MRO materials management:

  • Storeroom Design (Setup, Materials Organization, Barcoding)
  • Storeroom Operations (Issuing, Receiving, Stocking)
  • Reservations, Picking, Kitting, Staging, Delivery
  • Inventory Management, Reorder Point Optimization
  • Critical Spare & Excess Identification, Stock Authorization

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