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No company can do it all. That’s why we rely on our strong network of partners to provide technological expertise across different platforms. It takes two to tango in asset management: practices and technology must work together for the system to be successful. Our close affiliations with technology partners allow us to provide you with deep domain experience no matter what software system you are using.

To give a bird’s-eye view of how the process works: we provide the practices, documentation, and training to get your asset management system off the ground. Once those are in place, we either work with your specialists or draw on our network of partners to provide software integration. We have experience working with all major platforms, and we are happy to work with your software experts to integrate new practices into an existing information system. If you need us to call in a specialist, however, we have you covered. Testing, training, configuration, integration, reporting: our partners do it all.

The best part about our partnerships is that they are transparent to the client. We and our affiliates work closely and connectedly, operating as a cohesive unit. The experience is so seamless, you’ll feel as if you’re working with a single organization.

Our network of partners allows us to serve clients with all of these platforms (and more):

  • Oracle
  • Maximo
  • SAP

AB Extra Solutions

Ab Extra Solutions Inc. ‐ bringing together visionary and strategic leadership with pragmatic business execution. Your resource for fractional and limited term executive business functions and outsourced project management.

Asset Analytix

Who is Asset Analytix?

We offer consulting services for those wanting to improve asset reliability and maintenance management using analytics-driven data. Headquartered in Cary, NC, we have been building reports for > 20 years helping companies maximize returns by:

  • increasing productivity
  • improving quality
  • decreasing cost
  • reducing compliance risk

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