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Every successful operation starts with a plan. This is true for any business, but especially true in asset management. For asset-intensive organizations, a good asset management strategy is critical to success–not just for maintenance or procurement, but for the business as a whole.

Strategic Challenges

Many organizations fail to develop a coherent strategy for managing their physical assets. As a result, whatever strategy does exist

  • is not optimized to support core business goals.
  • does not include a clear, targeted plan for improvement.
  • lacks buy-in from upper management.
  • does not address all facets of the operation as an integrated whole.
  • fails to manage concerns such as safety, sustainability, and environmental impact.

These kinds of holes in an organization’s strategy are fatal to the success of the asset management operation. They undermine performance, create organizational silos, and paralyze improvement efforts.

Our Solution

AMS Engineering helps clients develop a strategic asset management plan using a proven three-step process.

Policies Objectives and Strategy
  1. We start by helping the client develop an asset management policy that articulates the core vision and key business drivers for the asset management operation.
  2. Using the policy as a guide, we help the client define specific asset management objectives with key performance indicators tied to each objective.
  3. Finally, we help the client craft a step-by-step strategy for achieving their asset management objectives.

This top-down approach aligns asset performance with business objectives, ensures buy-in from executive leadership, and provides the structured methodology needed to achieve large-scale improvement.

Effective asset management begins with a clear, comprehensive strategy. For more information, or to request a strategy consultation, please contact us.

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