Making sure each MRO purchase goes through the proper approval and sourcing processes is critical to controlling costs.

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AMS Engineering helps organizations embed efficient and effective procurement processes into their operations. Many businesses lose significant money every year on inefficient contracting procedures and off-contract purchases. We fix these problems by implementing industry-proven process models and best practices for procurement.

Value-Based Contracting

Our procurement processes provide clear requirements for soliciting proposals, evaluating bids, and selecting vendors. This ensures that the best vendor is chosen for the job based on overall value—not just the lowest bidder.

Effective Vendor Management

Our procurement practices streamline the procedures for warranty administration and vendor performance evaluation. This makes it easy to manage vendor relationships, encourage good service, and resolve disputes.

Disciplined Purchasing Procedures

Our process models ensure that all purchases are requisitioned, approved, and processed through the software system. This improves efficiency and drives accurate, insightful spend analysis.

Service Scope

Our procurement process improvement service covers all processes related to MRO procurement:

  • Requisitioning, Routing, and Approval
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Contracting, Corporate Agreements, Sourcing Strategies
  • Warranty Administration
  • Vendor Evaluation, Performance Tracking
  • Accounting Coordination

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