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We help organizations solve the culture crisis by getting the right people in the right place.

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An organization is only as good as its structure. Poorly defined roles and responsibilities can cripple performance. An effective structure, on the other hand, can transform a competent team into a world-class operation.

Organizational Challenges

Large, complex operations can face a range of organizational obstacles. Some of these include

  • overlapping roles.
  • poorly defined responsibilities.
  • legacy structures that support old, inefficient practices.
  • counterproductive reporting relationships.

Issues like these create confusion and hinder productivity. As a result, the organization struggles to achieve its goals, and any improvement attempts are mired in old structures and habits. This is especially problematic for organizations that are trying to step up their asset management game by introducing new software or practices.

Our Solution

AMS Engineering aligns organizational structure with business goals. We help you redesign your organization to support asset management best practices as well as your specific asset management needs.

Our organizational design service has two stages. First we work with clients to define functions, teams, and individual roles, establishing clear responsibilities and accountabilities for each. Then we provide training and change management support to ensure that the new structure sticks. The result is an organizational structure that works with asset management strategy rather than against it.

A well-designed organizational structure

  • coordinates tasks across the operation.
  • increases productivity by minimizing wasted labor.
  • reduces frustration and encourages teamwork.
  • maximizes ROI on software investments.

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