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Synergy Brochure

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SynergyTM is a comprehensive, documented operating system for asset management. It contains an extensive, proprietary library ‐ of industry accepted and proven business processes, roles and responsibilities, software configuration guidelines, key performance indicators, and more. SynergyTM springboards the development of the client asset management system.

Considering ISO 55000 certification or compliance? The development and implementation of a documented asset management system is a requirement. SynergyTM is here to help.

ISO 55000

Speed up ISO 55000 certification.

The ISO 55000 series of standards centers around establishing and maintaining an organizational asset management system. SynergyTM provides a complete framework for such a system. It includes templates for every aspect of an ISO 55000 management system, including policy, objectives, strategy, operating practices, and key performance indicators.

Process Improvement

Develop a better system faster.

SynergyTM jump-starts your asset management system. It reduces development time and costs so you can create more value sooner. But it doesn’t just speed up the process — it also provides a best-practice foundation. All of the templates in Synergy are industry-tested and ISO-compliant, based on proven practices used by world-class organizations.

Data Development

Better EAM information, better decisions.

Great EAM information starts with great asset management processes. SynergyTM ensures that all work data, storeroom transactions, and purchasing activities are properly recorded in the EAM software system. This enables you to capture accurate equipment histories and asset life cycle costs, which in turn provides you with the information to make educated business decisions.

Best Practices

Increase reliability, reduce costs.

SynergyTM improves asset reliability and longevity by coordinating all of the variables that affect the asset life cycle. It also lays the groundwork to achieve significant savings in both CAPEX and OPEX costs. Clients who use our system typically see a 3-5% increase in uptime while simultaneously reducing MRO costs by as much as 25%.

SynergyTM is an accelerator. It jump-starts your system design (i.e., modeling) effort with over 300 field-tested, standards-compliant practices. It speeds up documentation while grounding your operation in industry proven and accepted practices, establishing the right foundation for the asset management operation.

Take your asset management operation to the next level with SynergyTM. Contact us to request a demo.

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